Thursday, June 2, 2011


i had couple hours to kill before meeting up with friends for dinner.
had an apple, read few pages of modern architecture and walked on the labyrinth at trinity square.
it took me about 20 minutes to finish walking through the labyrinth.
very calming... relaxing.... my head filled with thoughts..

at first, i didn't think much
then i thought about where i am in my life
what i should do in future
and how i've shaped my past

there were few others who were also walking along the paths..
two teenage dudes were running, "this is an awesome exercise!"
a young couple was holding hands walking hastily to get to the end,
three others walking alone, as relaxed as i was.

everyone lives their lives at their own pace.
i realized this labyrinth is not only a meditative measure, but similar to how we walk the paths in our lives.
i really enjoyed the whole experience.
a perfect way to calm myself and organize my thoughts.
a new addition to toronto's fave spot. wish i had known sooner.

more info at toronto labyrinth

인생은 정해진 길이 있는거잖아..
그길을 어떤식으로 걸어가느냐에 따라 결과가 달라지는거지..
하지만 정해진 길대로 간다고 해도...
결국은 내가 선택해야하는거야.
그러니까 후회없는 선택이 제일 중요한거지....
하지만 그게 정말 후회없는 선택이란걸 어떻게 보장하지?

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