Thursday, July 29, 2010

kimchi blue

i'm looking for a simple summer dress online and stumbled upon a label called kimchi & blue on urban outfitters web.... curious about the name so i googled and just found kimchi, the korean dish... and also found this [page] that had some heated discussion about the same question i am wondering. lol. it's kind of a funny name considering kimchi is not blue.. hmmmm maybe it's two last names... i've read there are people with kimchi as last name.. funky! nonetheless, their dress are so pretty!

now i cannot fight this urge to go shopping at urban outfitters... damn it.....!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

5 things

5 things I love to eat

1. ddukbokki
2. cherry tomatoes
3. chicken caesar wrap
4. any pasta
5. sweet potato fries

5 drinks I love to drink

1. sangria
2. pinot grigio
3. green tea
4. mango juice
5. tequila sunrise

5 things to do before I die

1. learn to salsa
2. bungee
3. be an extra at one of dicaprio movies
4. write a book
5. tour all of Italy

5 books that I love

1. the curious incident of the dog in the night-time by mark haddon
2. the painted kiss by elizabeth hickey
3. millennium trilogy by stieg larsson
4. the melancholy death of oyster boy by tim burton
5. the da vinci code by dan brown

5 things I cannot do

1. a split
2. wear stiletto heels or any heels exceeding 5cm
3. remembering my age when asked unexpectedly
4. poker face
5. use the bikebell more effectively

5 things I am always trying to do

1. taking better photos
2. be more flexible (physically)
3. eat healthy (more greens less fried stuff)
4. read more
5. find good restaurants (for all occasions)

5 songs that I listen to over and over

1. flightless bird, american mouth by iron&wine
2. everlong by foo fighters
3. wonderwall by oasis
4. coffee by copeland
5. all of garden state original soundtrack

5 movies that I watch over and over

1. amelie
2. love actually
3. nightmare before christmas
4. movies with dicaprio in them
5. sound of music

5 things that scare me

1. ghosts
2. ghosts
3. ghosts
4. more ghosts
5. ronald mcdonald (or any other clowns)

5 things I just can't stand

1. being late all the time purposely or accidentally
2. smelly people in the subway
3. eating mushrooms
4. random body hair
5. the guy above my apartment making excessive noise after 11pm or random appearance of men's socks in the hallway

5 things that amuses me
1. the great blue hole
2. the universe
3. mystery of leonardo da vinci
4. the brilliant minds of artists
5. the viscous cycle of transportation:
pedestrians hate drivers
drivers hate bicyclers
bicyclers  hate rollerbladers
rollerbladers are, in a way, pedestrians...

Sunday, July 25, 2010

lily cole

i was reading the summer issue of artreview magazine and stumbled upon a very naked photograph of lily cole, by juergen teller and cannot stop thinking... ... well... thinking...

"with her marble-white skin, she looks like a vision of venus painted by lucas cranach." -from artreview

not only she's got a really cute baby face, flaming red hair, lovely freckles... but she's got an amazing body.. super long legs... much volume for a skinny model... wow.
some people are just not fair.... sigh..

[Zena Holloway] underwater photography

If you thought that fashion was a highly special area of photography, Bahrain born Zena Holloway has somehow managed to take it one step further by focussing her career on the underwater variety. -London, UK [Zena Holloway]

* * *
The last one is my fave. It's so magical. Underwater photography is always mystical and sensational, the flow of fabric and the hair is simply breathtaking. As it is difficult to shoot underwater, I can't imagine how the models are doing under water. Something I want to try in the future... but first, I have to learn to hold my breath and open my eyes under water. lol.


Cape Cod PM Watch
quartz movement
stainless steel case with silvered dial
orange veau miroir double tour leather strap
Ref. 401002WO93

Saturday, July 24, 2010

sky blanket

so pretty*


(uhh.. i was reading about conrad black on wiki.. lol)

flowers have the magic of brightening the room all the time.
it's good to have gorgeous lilies in the gallery.
thanks rodrigo.

and an older gentleman gave me this card and asked,
"are you lovable today? well don't waste it on the job"
strange things always happen while working in the gallery.
good thing he didn't use this on me. phew..

plus, there's gigantic scrabble and chess playing just outside of the gallery.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

[Dalton Ghetti]

Brazilian born, Connecticut based, Dalton Ghetti carefully crafts the tips of pencils into amazing micro sculptures. These miniature masterpieces are a side project for the professional carpenter, who has been perfecting this art for the last 25 years. Dalton uses a razor blade, sewing needle, a sculpting knife, a steady hand and lots of patience to meticulously carve the graphite which can take anywhere between a few months to a few years. Over time he has broken many works in progress and keeps them in what he calls the cemetery collection. One of the most fascinating things about these tiny works of art is that he has never sold them, only given away to friends as gifts. - from [KRonikle]

* * *

I've posted about Diem Chau's crayon sculptures [here] but this beats the meticulousness of crayons. pencil lead? really? my eyes would pop out staring at the tiny head of the pencil for that long... wow... since he does not wear magnifying glasses or any visual aids while sculpting, he must have super eye sight... (superman? lol)
read and see more [here]

[Maria Vittoria Benatti] pupette

chubby choo

dream size 37

dream size 37

-Modena, Italy. [Maria Vittoria Benatti

* * *

absolutely ADORABLE!! I love the chubby choo. To me, either the fattened shoe or the plump pupettes, breaks the stereotypes of heels for skinnies. The title, dream size 37 explains it all. I 100% support the curvy, voluptuous, gorgeous female body over twigs with chopstick legs any day!

marc jacobs

on my 'want' list

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

food posting

sunday night, my parents visited again and we made sushi and okonomiyaki for dinner. it was soooo gooooood >_<* making okonomiyaki was not too hard at all, though we didn't have the tonkatsu sauce... so it was bit of a miss, but another recipe learned! yay!

and today, i bought blueberries... A LOT of blueberries. they were on sale, it was a must-get!! now i have so much blueberries to eat.... so happy ;-D maybe i will try to make blueberry dressing with them later. yum ;-P

recipe (not the one i used, but similar.. click for full recipe)
[Seafood okonomiyaki]
2 cups selfraising flour
1 1/4 cup warm water
10g (1 sachet) dashi (see below)
1 egg, lightly beaten
500gm baby octopus
a few prawns and some seafood mix
10 leaves of chinese cabbage
2 cups of chopped spring onions

biking to work

this is the [house that exploded] in the middle of the night. good thing it was vacant. scarrrry.

the waterfront bike path.

i am grateful that this path exists and more grateful that i can bike to work on this path everyday.

Monday, July 19, 2010


the flower girl was soooo cute!!!!

the happy couple

this is paebaek, a korean wedding ceremony. later the parents will throw dates and walnuts and the bride and groom will catch them with her skirt. the dates and nuts represent how many babies the bride will carry in their marriage. they caught like 22. lol

I got invited to an amazing wedding on the weekend.
simply put, it was perfect ♥
Rosemary and Jason are truly meant for each other. even after 9 years, they still get butterflies in their tummies.. awwwwww. it was at a gorgeous st. lawrence hall and was filled with so much joy and love, I almost cried. I'm stupendously, incredibly, extremely happy for you two!
can't wait to hear you got babies!!! aaaahhhh!!!!


Carl and I went out for brunch on Sunday at a new diner that opened in my neighbourhood.
the onion home fries were amazing!

and we walked to value village next door and found this!!
though there are some missing, this looks like a pretty good collection of Dragon Ball saga.
it's true, value village has EVERYTHING!, well.. almost.