5 things

5 things I love to eat

1. ddukbokki
2. mango
3. chicken caesar wrap
4. any type of pasta  spicy gar par chicken wings
5. sweet potato fries

5 drinks I love to drink

1. sangria
2. pinot grigio
3. green tea
4. mango juice
5. tequila sunrise

5 things to do before I die

1. learn to salsa
2. bungee
3. be an extra at one of dicaprio movies
4. write a book
5. tour every bit of Italy

5 books that I love

1. the curious incident of the dog in the night-time by mark haddon
2. the painted kiss by elizabeth hickey
3. millennium trilogy by stieg larsson
4. the melancholy death of oyster boy by tim burton
5. the five people you meet in heaven, mitch albom

5 things I cannot do

1. a split
2. wear stiletto heels or any heels exceeding 5cm mastered it!
3. remembering my age when asked unexpectedly
4. poker face
5. use the bikebell more effectively

5 things I am always trying to do

1. taking better photos
2. be more flexible (physically)
3. eat healthy (more greens less fried stuff)
4. read more
5. find good restaurants/cafés (for all occasions)

5 songs that I listen to over and over

1. flightless bird, american mouth by iron&wine
2. everlong by foo fighters
3. wonderwall by oasis
4. coffee by copeland
5. all of garden state original soundtrack

5 movies that I watch over and over

1. amelie
2. love actually
3. nightmare before christmas
4. movies with dicaprio in them
5. sound of music

5 things that scare me

1. ghosts
2. ghosts
3. ghosts
4. more ghosts
5. ronald mcdonald (or any other clowns)

5 things I just can't stand

1. being late
2. smelly people in the subway (or those who clip their nails.. gross)
3. eating mushrooms  i now gained ability to eat some mushrooms!! hooray!!
4. random body hair  cars that turn without signalling or don't stop to make a right turn.
5. the guy above my apartment making excessive noise after 11pm

5 things that amuses me
1. the great blue hole
2. the universe
3. mystery of leonardo da vinci
4. the brilliant minds of artists
5. the viscous cycle of transportation:
pedestrians hate drivers
drivers hate bicyclers
bicyclers  hate rollerbladers
rollerbladers are, in a way, pedestrians...
in the end.. we are all of them at some point.