Thursday, June 2, 2011

neon bike

bike transformation from blogthegood

caroline spent all day sanding and painting an abandoned bike in front of OCADU student gallery and now that the bike is all shiny and new, the city is asking to have it removed. but the rusty old version of the bike has been there for years. hmmmm.
not a huge fan of the colour, but don't like the fact that the city neglects things (there are so many abandoned bikes all around the city. why aren't they removed?) until they are brought to attention. then again.... ford may be just too busy with other things on his hands.

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another stupid thing city of toronto does for the 'benefit' of its citizens.
recently city also painted over a mural that was commissioned by the city.
why would you ask an artist to paint a mural if you are going to have it uglyly removed (or painted over)?
it just makes the neighbourhood more sketchy...
(i didn't like the original mural much but it's better than the patchy cement job)

images of the before and after at blogto

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