Monday, June 13, 2011

harajuku lovers ♥ baby

carl got me another bottle of harajuku lovers baby perfume
it's wicked style edition with velvet heads.. so soft!!
i love the mild floral scent.
the top note includes freesia, my favourite flower.
a perfect scent for my sensitive nose.
and the bottles are super cute. the bikini one is from sunshine cuties collection.
thanks honey

yummy dinner at the works in london.
it's been about two months since i last saw carl. he's finally done his cfa exams!! yay!
to celebrate, we decided to pig out at the new burger place in london.
the burger was amazing :-P
there were too many to choose from. i had the fajita burger and carl had the smoky mountain.
we ordered one large milkshake to share, not knowing how BIG it was..
it was worth 4 cups. wow.
very satisfying. i love this burger joint!!

photo: kat

Thursday, June 9, 2011

April 2011
Namibia—In a scene stolen from a dream, a house succumbs to sand in Kolmanskop, once a thriving settlement for diamond miners. Winds have helped desert dunes reclaim the site, abandoned for more than 50 years.

from national geographic


this photo look like a painting.
it's sad but beautiful photo. love it.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

bokeh bokeh bokeh

i printed some patterns for bokeh effect.
these can turn night lights into pretty shapes

my attempts...
i guess i still need more practice...
and find a place with lots lots lights

love&hate: coffee and apple

i was addicted to coffee once.

but my stomach decided that after four years of constant consumption, coffee was no longer welcomed.
i've become teaholic now, but those cravings just cannot be ignored sometimes.
especially on a hot hot day, a tall ice coffee with non-fat milk is crying out loud....
drink me drink me drink me

i love the smell and the taste of coffee, but it's too acidic for my weak stomach.

up until recently, apple was giving my tummy a hard time too.
but for some reason, my stomach decided apple acid is okay.
so now i am hooked and feel weird not having an apple a day.
i guess it knows whats good and bad for me. smart tummy.

sometimes its depressing that foods that i love are rejected by my body.
but, eating healthy (or healthier than before) was one of my new year's resolution and i am trying my best to keep that resolution going as long as i can.

Conquering an Infinite Cave

There’s a jungle inside Vietnam’s mammoth cavern. A skyscraper could fit too. And the end is out of sight.
from national geographic

i am taken away by these amazing photos.
wish i could see this cave in person.

Friday, June 3, 2011


it was a GORGEOUS day today.
karen and i went to christie pits to enjoy our koreanness for the dano festival.

we ate our fave korean food, ddukboki and soondae
yum yum yum

we won couple prizes too!
a galleria supermarket grocery bag and a tooth brush.

there was a singing competition on the stage.
some were good, some were meh.... some were... ummmmm....
anyways, the person who entered the contest 2 years ago got training and won first prize this year. congrats!

we also bough potato chips on a stick 회오리감자.
kinda salty for my taste... so cool looking though.. :-D

오랜만에 날씨도 만끽하고...
맛난것도 먹고..멋진공연도보고^-^
행복한 하루♡

Thursday, June 2, 2011


i had couple hours to kill before meeting up with friends for dinner.
had an apple, read few pages of modern architecture and walked on the labyrinth at trinity square.
it took me about 20 minutes to finish walking through the labyrinth.
very calming... relaxing.... my head filled with thoughts..

at first, i didn't think much
then i thought about where i am in my life
what i should do in future
and how i've shaped my past

there were few others who were also walking along the paths..
two teenage dudes were running, "this is an awesome exercise!"
a young couple was holding hands walking hastily to get to the end,
three others walking alone, as relaxed as i was.

everyone lives their lives at their own pace.
i realized this labyrinth is not only a meditative measure, but similar to how we walk the paths in our lives.
i really enjoyed the whole experience.
a perfect way to calm myself and organize my thoughts.
a new addition to toronto's fave spot. wish i had known sooner.

more info at toronto labyrinth

인생은 정해진 길이 있는거잖아..
그길을 어떤식으로 걸어가느냐에 따라 결과가 달라지는거지..
하지만 정해진 길대로 간다고 해도...
결국은 내가 선택해야하는거야.
그러니까 후회없는 선택이 제일 중요한거지....
하지만 그게 정말 후회없는 선택이란걸 어떻게 보장하지?

neon bike

bike transformation from blogthegood

caroline spent all day sanding and painting an abandoned bike in front of OCADU student gallery and now that the bike is all shiny and new, the city is asking to have it removed. but the rusty old version of the bike has been there for years. hmmmm.
not a huge fan of the colour, but don't like the fact that the city neglects things (there are so many abandoned bikes all around the city. why aren't they removed?) until they are brought to attention. then again.... ford may be just too busy with other things on his hands.

-read full article here

another stupid thing city of toronto does for the 'benefit' of its citizens.
recently city also painted over a mural that was commissioned by the city.
why would you ask an artist to paint a mural if you are going to have it uglyly removed (or painted over)?
it just makes the neighbourhood more sketchy...
(i didn't like the original mural much but it's better than the patchy cement job)

images of the before and after at blogto