Saturday, October 30, 2010

denmark pavilion at shanghai expo
wish i was there now

Friday, October 29, 2010

[Tom Arban]

i've gotten familiar with his work through photos submitted by architects for our architecture exhibitions. most of the photographs i've seen were of contemporary torontonian architecture. i became curious, since i've been seeing his name on the photo credit so often, i looked up his website. besides his organized architectural photographs, i was simply blown away by his non-architectural photographs, especially the ones from greenland and antarctica.

dave and natasha, georgian bay, on

somewhere in portugal

karina and john, red rocks, nevada

northwest coast of greenland

falkland islnads

 (photos from

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

i desperately need to find a watch, soon!
my watch broke few months ago and my wrist has been feeling very lonely for some time now.
yes, these ones are way too expensive for me, but look how pretty +_+
(yes, free time spent searching endlessly on luxury watches that i cannot afford... sigh...)

 but i found this adorable watch from tous... i should go to yorkdale soon to check it out. yay!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

michigan family trip

tiny tiny park in bay city

in front of a huge antique shop in bay city
milly was soooo happy!

some crazy shapes gourds 

little park in east tawas.. the weirdest animal slides were everywhere

lake huron at east tawas
the beach had the most finest sand.. loved running my fingers through.. ahhh

at frankenmuth
largest christmas town & gift shop ever!

i can't wait till christmas

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

[Alex Beker]

photos of everyday toronto
it's quite a strange and entertaining city if you think about it
some of my faves.. and things i also saw...

"There's no particular strategy, except keeping my eyes open for things that we may see but not truly look at every day. I enjoy finding something different in daily events or situations. The difference may be in the lighting, or it may be that I find a simple object in a strange place or someone's facial expression catches my eye." -interview from blogTO

more at [things i saw today]

Sunday, October 10, 2010

banana shpeel

carl and i went to see banana shpeel by cirque du soleil last night.

before the show, we had some time to kill and went to try kinect, the newest gaming technology.
we both looked ridiculous jumping around, spreading our arms and legs.. but fun :D
i think it'd help me work out!!
christmas wish list?

as for the show.. it was knee-slapping funny.
especially the guy in the middle.. he was just ridiculous..
his dance was so bizarre.. i wanna learn it.
it wasn't like one of their big spectacular shows, but i'm glad we went to see it.
i'll never get tired of the muscular man doing acrobatics. hee hee
i can't wait till next year!!

image [source]

Thursday, October 7, 2010


i went to my friend rozi's first official opening as a member of jewel envy yesterday. it was at distill, one of my fave shops in distillery district.. gorgeous area i love love love to go.. especially for the soma chocolate.. yummmmm.....

the theme was red and rozi had chosen blood diamond as her motive. i love it. she's just starting her career as a jewelry/metal designer and everytime i see her with different jewelry (that she made) and get jealous. perhaps she'll make me something for my next birthday. lol. congrats rozi^^*

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

[alec soth]

Comfort Inn 2005

Columbia, Missouri

Logan 2007

Hotel, Dallas City, Illinois 2002

Untitled 20, Bogotá

Untitled 47, Bogotá

alec soth will be talking at flash forward festival this year but i can't go.. booo.. (but i'm gonna try to stop by to see other works tomorrow). i especially love his Bogotá series.. that's what i want to do someday.. make photobook for my children. until then, more photographing practices...

all images from [] and love the [blog].. he's got assignments for his fans/admirers thru flickr.. it's awesome!!!

Monday, October 4, 2010


my sister and i went for a walk in the afternoon and stopped by a local vintage shop near by
we spent quite a bit of time looking at knick knacks...
felt like we traveled back in time
my sister got an old vintage hard case luggage
and i got these great shoes.. so called 'danexx granny grunge boots' 

Sunday, October 3, 2010

yellow orange red

it was a colourful weekend for the six of us at algonquin park.
the colours were unbelievably vibrant..  fall is my favourite season... i wish fall would last for six months; two months for spring, summer and winter each. i simly love everything about the fall. the air is so fresh and i love the sound crisp fallen leaves make with each step i take. i wanted to stay there longer... though the cottage we stayed at was incredibly cold (and thanks to that.. now i have a cold)... the fireplace kept was all bundled together all night long. we read some tarot cards thanks to bq... i brought about 500 pictures and few red maple leaves to press. it was a lovely weekend.. this trip made me realize, again, why canada is the maple country.. and why i love living in canada... i think the short burst of fall colours are most appreciated because we can only enjoy it for a short period of time .. i want to go back!