Friday, June 3, 2011


it was a GORGEOUS day today.
karen and i went to christie pits to enjoy our koreanness for the dano festival.

we ate our fave korean food, ddukboki and soondae
yum yum yum

we won couple prizes too!
a galleria supermarket grocery bag and a tooth brush.

there was a singing competition on the stage.
some were good, some were meh.... some were... ummmmm....
anyways, the person who entered the contest 2 years ago got training and won first prize this year. congrats!

we also bough potato chips on a stick 회오리감자.
kinda salty for my taste... so cool looking though.. :-D

오랜만에 날씨도 만끽하고...
맛난것도 먹고..멋진공연도보고^-^
행복한 하루♡

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