Wednesday, October 26, 2011

waterloo and laurier

we visited carl and his friends' uni campus to reminisce and commemorate their student-lives at uwaterloo and wilfrid laurier.

scribble scribble on the black board

angry birds at laurier bookstore.... carl and i were hooked on playing angry birds on our phone and itouch.

laurier soccer field

kings residence... uh... we did not sneak in... we were... uh... invited..... :$ (photo by ray)

this little place called mr.panino beijing house used to be italian restaurant but the new chinese owners kept the name of the business and runs chinese restaurant. funny.

rogue or real? (photo by ray)

a funny poster found all over one of the buildings at waterloo.

the new engineering building at waterloo.

yup. conclusion. uoft is much prettier.

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