Wednesday, October 26, 2011

3♥ weekend

some fun stuff carl and i did over our 3yr anniversary weekend.

went to see avril lavigne yea.. we did....

had to borrow carl's shoes cus i only had heels. they were so big on my feet. weird walking around with big shoes.. must be what the clowns feel like...

saw a cute dog popping his/her head out the car window every 5 minutes as we were passing by

 st. mary's. the pretty little down between london and stratford.

went to see 'the homecoming' at avon theatre in stratford. what a weird play... :$

and had yummy indian food near by the theatre. mmmmmmm

last but not least, carl made me one of my all time fave dish, ddukboki (떡볶이). it's spicy ricecake korean dish. yum... it was so so so good, i ate until i couldn't eat anymore. it was very special since carl's not much of a cook. thanks sweetie for making the weekend wonderful♡

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