Wednesday, May 30, 2012

summer picnic

last weekend, carl and i packed little lunch and went to high park for a sweet summer picnic date♥
(you can get the recipe for the tuna salad roll i made here)
the weather was just perfect. with cool breeze from the forest, it was a perfect day for a romantic walk-in-the-park.

one day old capybara, biggest roden in the world. wow... even one day old baby is the size of full grown bunny. yikes.

high park zoo was having a fundraising event to raise $50,000 to keep the zoo up and running. we made a small donation and got a badge saying 'i ♥ high park' i love it!

we spent time lying down, looking up at the gorgeous sky full of green leaves.
this is one of the best things in life you can enjoy whenever the weather permits, especially in long-wintered toronto.

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