Tuesday, April 10, 2012

six hours of board games

carl and i were thinking of buying couple of board games and snakes and lattes is perfect place to try/learn the game beforehand. it's great because the friendly staffs will teach you how to play the game, save time reading through pages after pages of (sometimes confusing) instructions. yes, lazy, but this way, you can get more out of it, ask questions, etc. we played five games back to back.... carcassone castle, alhambra, dominion, agricola and san juan. in midst of dominion, earth hour hit, and we had to play in the dark. it was quite fun, and the staffs began to sing some tunes instead of the radio. awesome! i personally loved carcassonne and alhambra the best, though my building skill needs some sharpening. i love snakes and lattes, perfect place to spend some quality game time with your boyfriend!

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