Wednesday, April 25, 2012

back at harbourfront centre

it was first time visiting harbourfront centre since i got my new job. it felt weird coming back as a guest on their spring exhibition opening night. things are the same, people are the same but somehow it just felt so different.

1812 – 2012: a contemporary perspective

i got to take a photo of ryan and his cool shirt.... i used to follow him around taking photos of him during install week, because he loved being photographed (sarcasm here). ahhh i really miss the good ol' times.

it was good to see everyone at hfc, especially marek's little baby angel. she's just adorable. last time i saw  her, she was tiny (2 months old), but at 5 months she seemed so big all of a sudden. babies grow up so fast.

as usual, the food was amazing... and i was able to enjoy my stella right from the beginning. mmmm.....

and here are some photos of exhibits i really liked....

superspiroscribble by amanda mccavour

leaves by micah adams

dynastic portrait (jackie burroughs) by cole swanson

beacon by jennie suddick

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