Sunday, January 1, 2012

happy new year

the earth has completed its trip around the sun once again and now here we are at 2012.

as of today, i am one year older and wiser. as i have gained one year of maturity and confidence, i want to establish some goals. i know new year's resolution is forgotten soon after they have been created (a week tops) for most people (like me), but this year, i want to keep the promises until the next earth's rotation. i really really really do!!!

kat's new year's resolution
1. smile. laugh. a lot. :D
2. perform one good deed a week. (i want to say a day, but i know i probably won't keep this promise.. so one per week. that's 52 good deeds! and i will blog about it so you can be the judge)
3. eat one vegetable or fruit a day
4. read one book per month. (hopefully i will be able to practice my review writing skills)
5. go for a run at least once a week

i hope you will be able to successfully keep your new year's resolution. fingers crossed!

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