Wednesday, November 30, 2011

one of a kind christmas show and sale

this time around, the artists get busy to take part in one of the largest arts and craft show in toronto, the one of a kind show (ooak). it's not just arts and craft, but has wide range of stuff from artesian chocolates to mango chutney to some sheepskin insoles for your shoes. i love looking around the booths to find something quirky, unique and truly a 'one of a kind' things, after all, it is called the one of a kind show.

the fierce bunnies by sonja ahlers is by far the cutest i've ever seen, anywhere. carly told me a lot about her friend sonja and her bunnies. they are just so adorable. i really want one but then i know i can't be satisfied with just the one.. because look at them. the bunnies are at their best together in a bunch.

jen's booth reminded me of a grandma's kitchen with a stylish touch. she has gorgeous selection of tea towels and aprons from her company freshly printed. i bought mason jar printed tea towel last year as a gift. what i love about her products are that they are made from environmentally conscious materials and produced just in the same manner. congrats jen!

when i saw this display, i was immediately drawn to it.. it is the &. yes. my weird obsession with ampersand. hilary cosgrove makes these plush alphabet letters from recycled suit jackets. how great is that!? i love how the detail of the jacket is preserved. each letter is custom made and you can send in your old jacket that's just been taking up room in your closet to have it transformed into your initial or a letter of your choice. i think it is a brilliant idea! i am going to have to dig my closet tonight, hopefully my last trip to value village didn't empty out my old jackets.

baby booties. there were lots and lots of them in the show.i just couldn't resist and had to snap a photo.

my friend rosalyn was also working. she recently started working at matsu jewelry and they exhibit every year at ooak. i've been meaning to go visit her at the shop, but never found the time to go yet. and it was great opportunity for me to see what she's been up to. they are all designed by the owner/designer, jennifer, but as apprentice, rosalyn's having fun and learning lots, according to her :D

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last but not least, i was really taken away by baby elephant designs by joanne cheung. i read her newly self-published children's book entitled, sometimes.... it's a storybook i want to buy for my future children. i love the illustrations and its encouraging message to be who you are. hopefully i will get my hands on the book soon. haha..

keep up the good work everyone! only few more days to go!!!

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