Sunday, November 29, 2009

Rosalyn Woo
Best in Technical Achievement award winner
Dear Linda: sterling silver, found finding, aquamarine
Possible Future Scenarios
#2 Apocalyptic 2067

Dear Linda,
As I congratulate your 20th birthday, I send along a brooch I created for you and for your future, with materials I have kept for almost 50 years. A ballerina was an artist who created the most beautiful movements with her body. Unfortunately, their dancing is now a rare sight, but they were known for the immense effort they put in their practices, sacrificing their feet to achieve those graceful movements. We must remember: without sacrifice, there can be no achievement; it is the wisdom that prevails since the time of our very old ancestors. I hope that, as you age, your future will be ever brighter.
Happy 20th birthday Linda.

awwwwww.... congrats again on your award winning piece!

MAG-2067 Crafting the Future

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