Sunday, November 22, 2009

bang yao liu

Deadline by Bang Yao Liu

from the creator:
This is my senior project at Savannah College of Art and Design. Where my idea comes from is that every time when I am busy, I feel that I am not fighting with my works, I am fighting with those post-it notes and deadline. I manipulating the post-it notes to do pixel-like stop motion and there are some interactions between real actor and post-its.

Directed by Bang-yao Liu
Music by Röyksopp (
Sound design by Ian Vargo, Shaun Burdick
Actor: Chun-yao Huang

Making of.....


This is a very clever video presentation.
The pixelated images created by thousands of post-it notes
resembles classic video games,
plus the music is quirky! I love it!
Think of 3 months 4days and 6000+ of post-its
put into make this short 2 minute video.
well done!
Something like this is a challenge I may want to venture in the future ;-D

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C^2 said...

I'll be there to help ya when it happens! ;)